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Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect gravure process that enables any surface to be printed in almost any shape right up to the edge. Made of silicone, a printing pad takes the ink from a gravure printing plate and transfers it to the final product. The elasticity of the pad means that both convex and concave shapes can be finished.

Main areas of application:

  • Advertising material
  • Toys
  • Automotive products
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronics and household appliances
  • Housings/packaging
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Cosmetics


Our machinery business is highly individual and project-based. Our printing and finishing machinery, configured to suit customer requirements, is delivered directly to the customer after a thorough quality check at the manufacturing plant.

Prompt service and spare parts are delivered just in time. All our partners also offer a 24-hour over-night service.


Having a large product range also entails a lot of responsibility. Responsibility to customers and to suppliers. That’s why we’ve bundled all our strengths and supply our customers in Austria and Hungary exclusively from our central warehouse in Vienna.

We can also fall back on the central warehouses of individual manufacturers in urgent cases and for new product launches.

Machine service

We’ve been supplying and servicing machines for the printing industry for over 50 years. From the pre-press stage to offset printing, from digital printing to finishing.

When you buy machinery from bauer+bauer, you always get the back-up of a strong service partner as well.

Pad printing ink

As the exclusive distributor of Coates Screen Inks (previously Wiederhold), we can offer you the advantages of a former medium-sized printing ink manufacturer plus the investment power of a multinational corporation, the DIC Sun Chemicals Group, the largest printing ink manufacturer in the world. As a result, we can offer you a full range of screen printing inks including additives for virtually any tasks.

Since it was founded more than 100 years ago as Hermann Wiederhold GmbH in Nuremberg, Coates Screen Inks has been able to look back over one of the longest histories in the field of screen and pad printing inks.

Coates rightly lives up to its reputation of being the “colour pharmacy” of Europe,
and can therefore competently fulfil the most unusual special requests and difficult requirements.

Coates Screen Inks. »

Pad printing machines

As a long-standing partner of Morlock, bauer+bauer is proud to represent one of the world’s leading suppliers of pad printing systems.

ITW Morlock is part of the Illinois Tool Works Group and develops, designs and manufactures high-quality pad printing systems, from manual workstations to integration into existing and new automation systems.

Morlock pad printing systems are integrated solutions for the decoration and/or labelling of products. »

Clichés (stereotypes)

We have a wide range of plates for use on pad printing machines. Please choose between plastic, steel or laser plates and send us your request. Of course, we also manufacture film.

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Printing pads

Printing pads tailor-made for your machine and application.

Special shapes and mixtures can be produced specially for your company if the mixture, hardness and shape of standard pads do not suit your application. Please contact our expert staff so we can provide the right solution in good time.

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Surface cleaning

Teknek is a world leader in automatic and semi-automatic cleaning technologies.

As a pioneer in the field of high-efficiency elastomer rollers and high-performance adhesive rollers, Teknek guarantees top production results and a significant reduction of production waste without compromising on production speed. »

Colour mixing service

The bauer+bauer colour mixing service guarantees you get the desired colour shade in the shortest possible time. If the requirement for a particular special colour increases, it is also possible to have it produced in series in the manufacturing plant at the customer’s request.

Stretching and stencil services

We offer you a stretching service to meet all your requirements.

We stretch, coat and expose your screens both in our own packaging line and in those of our partners. Whether large-format poster printing, security printing or the electronics industry, we’re up to the task.

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"Experience and strong partners are the key to the success with which this department is always managed.” - Alexander Röhrs, Screen & Pad Printing Sales.

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