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Offset printing/
Semi-rotary offset printing

Offset printing is an indirect flat printing process in which the printed image is transferred from a printing plate via a rubber printing cylinder to the carrier material. This technique makes it possible to print both on sheets and from the roll. This technology is complemented by semi-rotary offset printing, which is used to produce labels, with or without finishing.


Our machinery business is highly individual and project-based. Our printing and finishing machinery, configured to suit customer requirements, is delivered directly to the customer after a thorough quality check at the manufacturing plant.

Prompt service and spare parts are delivered just in time. All our partners also offer a 24-hour over-night service.


Having a large product range also entails a lot of responsibility. Responsibility to customers and to suppliers. That’s why we’ve bundled all our strengths and supply our customers in Austria and Hungary exclusively from our central warehouse in Vienna.

We can also fall back on the central warehouses of individual manufacturers in urgent cases and for new product launches.

Machine service

We’ve been supplying and servicing machines for the printing industry for over 50 years. From the pre-press stage to offset printing, from digital printing to finishing.

When you buy machinery from bauer+bauer, you always get the back-up of a strong service partner as well.

Miyakoshi printing presses

Miyakoshi Printing Machinery Ltd. Japans führender Hersteller von high-performance printing presses, founded the European subsidiary Miyakoshi Europe SL on 1 April 2015 with the aim of establishing a solid service and distribution network in Europe.

The European head office can access all European countries, so spare parts and service technicians are dispatched within 24 hours in accordance with customer requirements.

With Miyakoshi, bauer+bauer represents the fastest growing printing press manufacturer for semi-rotary applications.

With Miyakoshi, you can produce labels at unprecedented speeds of up to 300 units a minute and with outstanding quality. With a maximum cut-off length of 406.4 mm, the machine achieves 121.9 m/min. Miykoshi machines are manufactured exclusively according to configured customer requirements and can be equipped with all manner of extras.

Miyakoshi MLP-H

Miyakoshi MLP-H, the fastest semi-rotary printing press in the world.

A semi-rotary UV offset press for small and medium runs of high-quality labels. It is available as the MLP-H13 (max. web width 350 mm, max. print width 330 mm) or MLP-H16 (max. web width 420 mm,
max. print width 406 mm) for a print length range of 215.9 – 406.4 mm. The machine processes paper from 50-300 g/m2 and film such as PVC, OPP, PET from 70-300 µ.

The presses are driven by Bosch Rexroth servo technology and run independently or synchronised. A patented web in-feed and out-feed system with servo drive guarantees high register accuracy and stable web tension. The automatic control system reduces set-up times, handles repeat jobs quickly and reliably, and greatly reduces waste.

As a hybrid model, it can also print both wet and dry offset.

Miyakoshi MLP

The MLP impresses with the same arguments as the MLP-H, but without its hybrid functionality. Miyakoshi offers not only customised machine design for all customers but also a very large range of presses to meet customer needs.

Print speed 120 m/min
Print length 127 - 254 mm
30,5 m/m

Print speed 120 m/min
Print length 127- 355,6 mm
42,6 m/min

Print speed 200 m/min
Print length 127 - 355,6 mm

Print speed 250 m/min
Print length 127- 355,6 mm
88,9m/min ( Option )

Print speed 300 m/min
Print length 215,9 - 406,4 mm
121,9 m/min

Miyakoshi MWL

Waterless offset technology for small to medium runs of top print quality.

Specially designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for shorter production times for high-quality labels, the MWL offers short set-up times and reduced material waste. No use of IPA.

When it comes to productivity, the MWL’s longer repeat length of up to 406.4 mm is definitely advantageous, offering more flexibility and increasing capacity for large-format label printing. Each unit is driven by a high-end servo motor from Bosch-Rexroth, independently or synchronised with other printing units.

Miyakoshi MHL

Specially designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for high-quality flexible packaging. Sleeve technology makes very short set-up times possible, with much less waste.

  • Printing speeds of up to 180 m/min.
  • substrate thickness (foil, paper) between 15 µ and 300 µ.
  • Substrate width 470 mm - 670 mm.

Quality-proven offset printing technology enables flexible packaging printers to achieve the best possible print quality. Low-odour LED UV offset inks cure incredibly fast, thanks to LED UV dryers which are purged with an inert gas (nitrogen). As a result, fewer LED UV dryers are usually needed per printing unit.

Each unit is driven by a high-end servo motor from Bosch-Rexroth, independently or synchronised.

Miyakoshi MVF

Miyakoshi’s best-seller with a proud record of over 1,000 installations worldwide.

The MVF offers incredible performance for business forms, direct mail, lottery tickets, security documents and other variable-format printing applications.

The MVF is THE press worldwide for the printing of pharmaceutical documents (package inserts) with paper thicknesses from 35 g/m².

Materials for screen printing

Consumables for offset printing CTP printing plates

Fifty years of experience and skill have left their mark.

Until the early 1980s, we produced printing plates and screen emulsions for the Central European market ourselves at our production plant in Korneuburg near Vienna. However, due to many technical innovations, we agreed at that time on a close collaboration with Fujifilm and subsequently took over the general agency for the Austrian and, later, Hungarian and Serbian markets.

Even today, we’re still happy to advise you on questions about printing plates and provide you with a customised solution.

CTP platesetters

We have delivered, installed and provided service for more than 100 CTP systems in our core area. Depending on requirements and product types, we can offer you a wide range of new and used equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry immediately.

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Flexo printing plates

On request, we’d be happy to supply you with the right Flexo printing plate system for your needs.

Nyloprint printing plates

bauer+bauer has been successfully selling Nyloprint products from Flint for decades. We would be happy to advise you and supply you with the system that suits you best.

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Security printing ink

For reasons of secrecy, we can only deal with this subject on request. Please contact us directly.

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Pressroom chemicals

As a long-standing partner of Huber Chemie from Troisdorf, we can supply you with the entire range of chemicals, additives and cleaning agents from the pre-press stage to the pressroom. Spray powders. We can supply the complete range of spray powders from Huber Chemie in Germany.

Spray powders

We can supply the complete range of spray powders from Huber Chemie in Germany.

Backing board

The perfect backing materials for your press type from the world market leader to your pressroom.


We can provide complete servicing for your pre-press machinery. A strong service team is your guarantee of smooth collaboration and success. Trained service staff conscientiously look after a large number of different machine types. We’d be happy to make you an offer.

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